Sweet Rewards


Participation in, and the benefits offered by, the Sweet Rewards program (the "Program") are subject to these Terms and Conditions and is offered at the sole discretion of McKee Foods Corporation Employees Health and Supplemental Benefits Plan (the “Plan”; the Plan may be referred to as “we” or “us”). The activation of your Sweet Rewards account indicates acceptance of the rules and these Terms and Conditions of the Program. The Plan may terminate your participation in the Program at any time if you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions; supply any misleading information or make any misrepresentations to us or abuse any privilege accorded to you under the Program.

Earn Health Incentives:

You will earn incentives for participation in Wellness Programs found at the sweetrewards.mckee.com website. Logging into your Sweet Reward account can assist you in tracking your activity and incentives. Incentives cannot be sold, transferred or assigned.

Program Modification, Cancellation, Expiration and Termination:

The Plan has the right to modify, add or delete any of the Program rules, terms and conditions, benefits or rewards, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may adversely affect the value of health dollars already accumulated. In these Terms & Conditions, the words "you", "your"; and "yours" means the person activating a Sweet Rewards account with the Plan and the words "we", "us" and "our" means the Plan and/or its affiliates, successors and/or assigns. Membership in the Program is limited to individuals only. Membership is not permitted for any business, including, but not limited to, individually owned, commercial or industrial businesses. You must be covered by a McKee Foods Medical plan as an employee or spouse to participate.

The Plan reserves its respective rights, trademarks and copyrights of the Program, and all artwork, images and print copy associated with the Program, including rights, trademarks and copyrights to “Sweet Rewards” and “Better Health Pathways.”

The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as the Plan, in its sole discretion, may elect to terminate the Program. The Plan has the right to end the Program at any time without providing written notice to you. Upon a termination of the Program by Plan, any health dollars earned and not redeemed will be null and void.

These terms and conditions may only be modified by the Plan and will be effective upon posting on sweetrewards.mckee.com. The interpretation of any and all Program terms and conditions shall be at our sole discretion and such interpretations are binding on you.

The Plan is not liable for any failure to notify you of any change in these Terms and Conditions and/or the Program benefits; or the suspension or termination of this Program. We will use our best efforts to maintain the equipment and software used to operate and manage the Program; however, we are not liable for any equipment and/or software technical difficulties which may or may not result in the appropriate health dollars earned or issued.

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